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Concrete Magnet

concrete magnet is a new magnet system to fix the formwork in the concrete precast. the assembly have strong neodymium magnet and iron plates. it is designed with higher lever magnetic circuit. this design circuit have very stronger adhesive force to any ferrous forwork. but the magnetic circuit boxed in a metal box. easy to control open or colse.
it is similar to ratec shuttering magnet products.
concrete magnet included shuttering magnet and insert magnet and chamfer magnet.

Why Need To Precast?

Quality, value, Performance

Most people may not know the existence of the hidden systems that make life today: civilized. Health and rain water pipes, culverts, catch basins, pump / lift stations, septic tanks, grease interceptors appearance, water storage tanks, wet wells, electricity, telecommunications vault and many other products in the maintenance of a clean and healthy a key role in production environment, it is the civilized world population.

Double Wall Precast

The double wall process has been in use in Europe for many years. The walls consist of 2 wythes of concrete separated by an insulated void. The most commonly specified thickness of the wall panels is 8 inches. The walls can also be built 10 and 12 inches thick if desired. A typical 8-inch wall panel consists of two wythes (layers) of reinforced concrete (each wythe is 2-3/8 inches thick) sandwiched around 3-1/4 inches of high R-value insulating foam. The two wythes of the interior and exterior concrete layers are held together with steel trusses.

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