Lifting/Fixing Socket

Fixing socket Lifting socket were used for the construction industry around the world ,they provide most effective method of lifting and fixing precast concrete elements.there have many kinds of fixing sockets. It is available of Fixing Sockets with wave end,Fixing Socket Dowel With Hole,Fixing sockets with bended end,Fixing socket with cross hole,Fixing socket with bended end and nailing plate,Lifting socket with plastic cap,Lifting socket without cross hole,Lifting socket with cross pin,Lifting Sockets with plate and bolts,Lifting Socket with bolts,Lifting Socket with bolts and Neil Plate,Lifting Socket with foot,lifting socket with cross hole and Compact anchor. We can produce type of machining hardware and Zinc Die casting parts and fastener by customer’s OEM,the products are in mild carton steel,alloy steel and stainless steel and Zinc and Al by the dimension from 0.1mm to 30cm. We have patented lifting socket in China. we would provide qualified products with timely and sincerely service to the customers from all over the world.