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Germany Halfen channel failure detection which using in China's high-speed rail

Recently, said high-speed rail from Shanghai to Kunming (referred to as the Shanghai-Kunming line) and Hefei, Fuzhou (referred to as co-Fu line) tunnel installation Germany HALFEN original channel real production for the domestic processing, and its quality have been tested and found that the fatigue test, the minimum tension and FRP of technical indicators do not meet the tender of such a control material standards of the Design Institute of the Ministry of Railways.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Island tunneling immersed tube precast model S1 segment pouring

In February 10th, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Island tunneling immersed tube precast model S1concrete pouring completed successfully.

Drawing on Railway five Bureau of China railway sleepers precast plant officially put into operation

In March 1st, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, plateau land of sound a lively firecracker sound, in the Tibetan language creator swallow indemnity mulberry wood Za 's hometown ---- Tibet Autonomous County swallow rural Pakistan, China Railway five Bureau pull day railway sleepers precast plant, red banners hanging in a row of machinery and equipment, China Railway five Bureau of TJ3 standard sleepers precast plant started production of the ceremony is held ceremoniously here, this mark is worn by the five Bureau assumed independent play day railway sleepers precast officially started productio

Bureau of China Railway four company copper project completed the last piece of40 meters of prefabricated T beam

In March 25th, four of copper of company of large project successfully completed the last piece of40 meters of prefabricated T beam. Copper project precast beam field construction in March 15, 2011, in April 10th the same year to complete the construction, was successfully preformed line the first piece of40 meters of T beam, and has completed115of 20 meters,40 meters of 260slice T beam T beam,20 pieces of30 meters of prefabricated box girder.

China Railway five Bureau four companies of God River Highway LJ7 sign begins premade first beam

On March 29th at five eight in the afternoon, Shanxi God ( pool ) River ( song ) freeway LJ7project department beam field blooming fireworks, firecrackers Qiming, machine voice rumble, by the China Railway five Bureau four construction company of God River Highway LJ7standard prefabricated T beam first began, it is also the fourth director do range at the start of the first piece of prefabricated beam.

in Meizhou Bay Coal Terminal Engineering precast caisson construction

In one boat bureau construction investment in Meizhou Bay Coal Terminal Engineering precast caisson construction

In March 30th, make one boat bureau construction of the country voted Bay Coal Terminal project first precast caisson construction.

How to solve the precast concrete leakages

Loose embedded parts, pipe installation is unstable, or dig a hole punch installed after exterior wall decoration precast concrete, or by a collision, plastered the new combination of old mortar is not strong, and lead to a hollowing and cracks. Installing precast concrete, pipe after the hole, resulting in water seepage.
B method:

Precast concrete facade for South Florida temple

Gate Precast Company announced it has been awarded the architectural precast concrete contract for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The 28,000-square-foot temple will be the second in the state of Florida. Gate Precast joins the construction team led by Suffolk Construction. Architectural Nexus of Salt Lake City, Utah, designed the new temple consisting of two levels. In early 2011, the architect selected Gate Precast Company as the Precast Design Assist Consultant to assist in the development of building precast cladding.

The European" Energy Forum" on the construction of the outer skin development direction

Italy Bressanone December 6 report (reporter Wang Yun ) of the sixth European" energy " forum 6 in Italy North City Bressanone opening. The forum focused photovoltaic technology in the construction of outer epidermis using, explore through the architecture surface of introducing high technology to achieve lower energy consumption and power generation may.

City sustainable development needs the green building

Nowadays, people in the enjoyment of the material prosperity of space at the same time, also has planted the seeds of the crisis, green development is the inevitable choice of future society. With the green concept increasingly win support among the people, sustainable city is becoming a global city development direction in the future, how to realize green development has become a new issue in the city development plan.

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