Germany Halfen channel failure detection which using in China's high-speed rail

Recently, said high-speed rail from Shanghai to Kunming (referred to as the Shanghai-Kunming line) and Hefei, Fuzhou (referred to as co-Fu line) tunnel installation Germany HALFEN original channel real production for the domestic processing, and its quality have been tested and found that the fatigue test, the minimum tension and FRP of technical indicators do not meet the tender of such a control material standards of the Design Institute of the Ministry of Railways.

Reporter visited the Shanghai-Kunming line Hunan bid of the fourth, fifth, and brought back from the high-speed rail construction site tenders HALFEN channel sent to the National Steel Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for testing, test results were surprising: According to the National Steel Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the fatigue test report, the standard of censorship channel of HTA52/34, in most vigorously 28.6KN, minimum force 15.4KN, frequency 3HZ when, the channel 106 200 crack, the requirements of the Design Institute of the Ministry of Railways falls far short of 500,000. Minimum tensile test report issued by the National Steel Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center: minimum tensile in 55KN situation, the channel height of the original 33.71mm 33.62mm deformation, its width from 21.99mm to transform 21.77mm, the above data description of products have taken place in the deformation, the minimum tension of less than 55KN, completely does not meet the design standards of the Ministry of Railways and Design Institute, the minimum tensile of the material must be greater than 55KN the standard requirements.

The above test report with reporters to get the hand before the two test report, invariably point to the same result.

The first is the fatigue test report by the China Academy of Railway Sciences metal and the Institute of Chemistry, the marked the HALFEN HTA52/34 channel after frequency 3HZ, load size 22 the ± 6.6KN experimental method, the channel 321,826 times the crack completely not satisfied the requirements of the Ministry of Railways and Design Institute in the 500 000 times the standard design criteria, the test report shows the fatigue properties of this channel were totally unacceptable.

Second report for the Tianjin Public Security Ministry of National fixed fire-resistant and fire Component Quality Supervision and Inspection Center refractory high-temperature test report, the report shows, for both standard HALFEN channel HTA52/34 and the T-bolt 90-minute fire test, in accordance with warming curve of the tunnel fire resistance test RABT warming the sample through a "T" shaped bolt bearing capacity 4KN fire resistance test to 59 minutes, the channel carrying capacity loss, which does not meet the requirements of 90 minutes and concluded that samples of substandard products.

According to the Center Director of Peng Zhihua, the product of the security should be high temperature refractory detect if there is no detection in certain domestic industries can not be used, whether domestic or foreign security manufacturers should be issued by the relevant test report can be used. Such a large project for high-speed rail, such as refractory experiment did not meet the standard products still in use, the result is quite dangerous.

It is understood that, in a bidding documents on the goods, clearly defined in the bidding process, the channel must have the appearance of size, mechanical properties, fatigue testing, corrosion resistance, and carrier performance, fire resistance and other six tests report in order to tender as a bidder. HALFEN and provide the report, but by the standards of civil enterprises in Germany to replace the test report, and in the country without inspection and test report.

An inspection sample failed, so far there is no Germany HALFEN Test reports, how to enter the channel of high-speed rail? The two reporters to call Germany HALFEN Beijing, as of the date of dispatch, HALFEN aspects have not been any reply on the matter of detection. (Source: People's Daily reporter Xue Yang)

Halfen did not follow germany quality standard to produce these products.
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