Sandwich Erection Anchor

sandwich erection anchor

Sandwich Erection Anchors

The Fleet-Lift Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor is designed to erect precast, insulated sandwich panels with a minimum loss of insulation. The anchor uses standard Fleet-Lift recess plugs and ring clutches.The Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor is designed for use in 2" x 2" x 2", 3" x 2" x 3" and 2" x 2" x 4" thick insulated sandwich panels. The design of the anchor allows it to distribute anchor loads evenly to both concrete wythes. This is accomplished by the use of two specially bent rebars per sandwich panel anchor. The sandwich panel erection anchor, with its unique anchor head shape, in combination with the two bent rebars, transfers both the anchor's shear and tension loads evenly into each of the concrete wythes. Place one bent rebar through the anchor's top hole and the second rebar through the anchor's bottom hole. The rebar extend from the anchor into the top and bottom wythe of concrete. The two specially bent rebar must be used with the sandwich panel erection anchor to achieve the safe working loads shown.The Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor is similar in design and action to the anchor, above, except it is smaller overall and has a built-in shear plate. The shear plate improves shear capacity when used in the 2" thick wythes. The Sandwich Panel Erection anchors are available in plain or hot-dipped galvanized finish.